Fall into Beauty!

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Fall into Beauty!

Most of us know how to prepare for summer weather– we switch to lighter products and bump up our sunscreen usage. The same idea goes for winter weather; we switch to heavier lotions and more moisturizing products. But what about Autumn? This in-between season offers up the best and the worst of both seasons. One day it’s brisk and beautiful, the next day it’s hot and humid. Here are some tips and tricks to ensure that while the weather may change from day to day, your skin will stay perfect.


1. Wear a moisturizer that can combat the changing weather

While it’s too warm outside for your winter moisturizer, it’s too cold to go without; a gel-cream is just what you need when the day starts out freezing but somehow ends up sunny. A gel-cream is a little heavier than a gel, but not so heavy that it makes your skin shiny or clogs your pores.

This Clinique gel-cream hydrates your skin without leaving it slick, and it lasts all day.


2. Add an all-in-one hair product

It’s going to get drier and colder, which means that your hair may get rough and unmanageable. A cream product will add back the softness and smoothness that you tend to lose during the dry, windy months.


A glossing cream like Frederic Fekkai’s is just light enough to work for a majority of hair types, and it makes your hair sparkle.


3. Start switching to a lighter shade of foundation/concealer

You probably have a little bit of a tan from the summer. By fall though, your tan’s probably started to fade, and your skin’s taking on a lighter shade. Try a concealer and foundation that’s a shade lighter to keep your makeup looking natural.


4. Add some color

It doesn’t have to be a bronzer, just something that gives your skin a little bit of extra oomph. A light dusting of a peach or pink powder wakes up and warms up your skin. MAC just put out a special collection that includes a beauty powder that also looks like a work of art.

5.  Gentle exfoliation is the way to go

This will keep your pores clear, and reveal glowing new skin. When it gets colder out, skin cell turnover slows, leaving your skin dull and lackluster. Gentle exfoliation will give you all the benefits you want, without leaving your skin red and angry.


A Clarisonic exfoliation system is expensive, but totally worth it for the benefits. Not only will your skin be clearer and smoother, but your products will absorb much faster, too.

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