Fall Break Packing List: Miami Vs. NYC


Fall Break Packing List: Miami Vs. NYC

It’s 4:50 pm. Your last class of the day just let out, and as you make your way down Locust Walk, you can’t help but feel that euphoric rush of freedom- fall break!

Word around campus is that hoards of Penn students are headed to such fabulous locals as Miami and NYC to pass their well-deserved long weekends in style. But stylish as these two cities are, dressing for a night out in Time Square couldn’t be more different than styling your outfit for a party in South Beach. Here are the top things to toss into your bag for each amazing destination:

New York:

1. Black Skinnies- Pair them with Doc Martens and go all Agyness Deyn or with a pair of sky high heels for a night out.

2. Peacoat- NYC gets pretty chilly, so cozy up with a jacket in a fun fall color like auburn or magenta.

3. Cute Scarf- throw it on to add some pop to jeans and a tee.

4.Credit Card- It’s NYC. You will shop.

5. Bright Ballet Flats- They’re cute and practical for walking up and down the city streets.


1. Flouncy Skirt- In Florida, where the weather is still summery, this is a must for an easy day outfit.

2. Bustier Top- Kristen Stuart rocks one on the cover of Glamour– pair yours with cropped jeans and wedge heels for a night of clubbin’.

3. Big Glam Shades- Channel your inner LC and embrace the fabulous sunshine.

4. Credit Card- Miami has tons of cute boutiques. Come prepared.

5. Your Summer Dress- Bring it back out for the weekend! Update your look for fall with a glam studded belt.

-Alexandra Roman

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