Dynamic Duos of Fashion

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Dynamic Duos of Fashion

Here at the walk, we love Halloween. It inspires an endless amount of material for us to post about, naturally. We realized that this Wednesday is the annual Tabard Dynamic Duo’s Halloween Kickoff party. This theme kills it – bringing about some super creative costumes. But the theme sparked a question amongst us Walk staffers. Who are fashion’s great dynamic duos? So here they are! Maybe they’ll give you some inspiration for this Wedneday.

1. Betty and Veronica













These two may have fought over Archie – but not much else. Veronica was always the glam gal, while Betty stayed true to her all-american, girl-next-door look. Whether in black or white or color, these two girls always looked fresh, cool, and unique.

2. Mary-Kate and Ashley



















These two were always on the cutting edge of fashion, from when they were tweens to today. They always looking stunning, even when they take big fashion risks. And we love their lines, The Row and Elizabeth and James.

3. Romy and Michelle












Who can forget when these two brought out these fantastic dresses at their high school reunion? Major fashion moment. And then they go on to open their own store! Inspirational.

4. Serena and Blair













You gotta love the sense of style on Gossip Girl. Blair, the polished socialite, and Serena, the blonde bombshell, never fail to impress. Although the show’s story might be slightly waning, we always know their fashion will stay on top.

5. Cher and Dionne










The list wouldn’t be complete without our favorite 90’s girls, who revolutionized fashion both with these plaid suits and the notion of an in-home revolving closet. These two were more than chronic shoppers – they were real fashionistas!

– Hannah Bender

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