Adler for Adderall


Adler for Adderall

As if the presence of Adderall was not already prominent enough on college campuses across the country, famed interior designer, Jonathan Adler, has designed a keychain so people can publicize their pill use (or abuse). The keychain is in a fact an enamel pill that bares a striking resemblance to the prescription medication which is now commonly used by students (with and without prescriptions) as a study aid and used by people as a means of weight loss because it acts as an appetite reducer. Not only is the keychain shaped liked a pill, it opens so that it actually functions as a pill case. Adler’s website explains that it “provides a handy hush-hush place to keep a mood enhancer.” I must pose this question: What was he thinking? Does he really believe a pill shaped keychain will be popular among customers? And from a moral standpoint, why would Adler promote pill use while simultaneously making it seem chic? By connecting prescription drugs to his established, luxury brand he is inevitably supporting the use of Adderall and other pills by alluding to its supposed trendiness.

Check it out for yourself here.

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