Not For Every Day


Not For Every Day

Everyone’s been getting back into the weekly routine, and we know what that means. Looking forward to the weekend! But the actual days Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are much more enjoyable than the restaurant of the same name. Friday, Saturday, Sunday, the quaint BYO that is appropriate for small, intimate groups is located on 21st and Rittenhouse. However, the food leaves something to be desired. If you go, skip appetizers. I didn’t like the mushroom ravioli, grilled vegetable plate, or asparagus. Entrees are a bit better – opt for the tilapia or the yummy eggplant parmesan. Dessert isn’t really worth it either sadly; we were all underwhelmed with our ginger creme brûlée. All in all thought, I’d skip Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Save your weekends for the excellent eateries!


Dry, undercooked mushroom ravioli.


Boring vegetable platter.


Satisfying salmon.


The winner – tilapia. Not that there was much to compete!

Read my full review of Friday, Saturday, Sunday on my blog, Live to Eat: Philadelphia!

-Hannah Bender

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