Shoe Necessities: One of each and you’re set!

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Shoe Necessities: One of each and you’re set!

Going back to school can be tough. Packing is a pain– how can I bring everything I want back with me? And worrying about what to wear makes it even tougher. But, having at least one of each type of shoe should make you set! We’ve narrowed it down to 6 (well, 8 technically). Here we go!

1. The Downtowner: Going into Philly means that sweats are no longer acceptable. Shame, I know. Put some real clothes on and grab a pair of heels that works for parties and dinners.









(Both: Charlotte Olympia)

2. The Everyday-er:  It’s the necessity. Make sure that they’re the most comfortable in the world! They have to be flat. Completely. Think Repetto, Maloles, or Lanvin. In my opinion, I would definitely invest in these.  None of this wedge/clog mess. They need to be classic (ballerinas, patent leather flats) and you have to love them too because you’ll be wearing these most of the time. Perfect for class and walking around on campus.











(Top: Zara; Middle: J. Crew; Bottom: Matt Bernson😉

3. The “It’s ok if it gets ruined” Heel: What we refer to as shoes you can wear to a frat party. You’ll never worry about these because they shouldn’t be too expensive, or if they are, then they’re pitch black. Look for a chunkier heel so that you’ll be comfortable and feel more, umm, stable on your feet as the night wears on.









(Left: Zara $20; Right: Zara $16)

4. The Shoe “that’s only wearable for the first few months, but still a necessity”: Hint.. we’re talking about sandals. Ok, so you just came back from St. Tropez and are dying to wear your K. St. Jacques or Rondini sandals. Just remember that it’s not practical to bring all of your new goodies to school. It’s only hot in Philly for the first few months… très sad. Be realistic though!









(Left: Matt Bernson for $169; Right: K Jacques pour Opening Ceremony )

5. Gymsters: Since we honestly only work out an equivalent time of once a week, it really is only necessary to have one pair of sneakers. Done.









(Left: Nike for $20 Right: Isabel Marant)

6. Boots: Yes, unfortunately when winter comes… You’ll probably need a few of these- one for rain, for snow, and for the few times the weather isn’t horrid.










(Left: MMM6 x Opening Ceremony; Right: Zara for $16)

Elonia McHenry


  1. Em

    Being a heel junkie, I’ll argue that a great pair of wedges are an acceptable substitute for a classic everyday flat. Wedges have integrated themselves into everyday wear, and are just as comfortable as flats.

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