Designing Your Off-Campus Room


Designing Your Off-Campus Room

The big move to your first off-campus room can be really exciting…and really daunting.  While you may be glad to get rid of your quad desk and chair that rocks back just a little too far, or to finally  sleep on a bed that’s not twin XL, it also means that the task of designing and decorating the room is up to you.  If interior decorating is not your thing, we’ve got some tips and cute products from Umbra to help you get through it and still have a unique and stylish room!

Frames: You are not in a dorm anymore.  This means no more photos taped up on the wall.  Be a big kid and get in the habit of framing  your favorite photos and posters. Not only does it look nicer, but it also helps the pictures last longer!  Don’t feel like collaging them on the wall yourself?  Try a multi-frame that artistically does the collaging for you.

Wall Decor: Similar to frames, but your wall is your blank canvas to show off your style.  Vary your wall decor with your favorite posters and photos and some fun wall art, either DIY pieces like Umbra’s Quills or something easier to manage like a wall pane

Furniture:  Tired of the usual usual bed/desk/dresser furniture set?  Make one of the three a statement piece, or try spicing things up with a fun desk chair or a cool clock!

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