The Hottest (Cold) Drinks of Summer

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The Hottest (Cold) Drinks of Summer

If water can no longer satisfy your thirst, here are some other low calorie drink ideas to help you overcome the heat!

1. Iced Skinny Vanilla Latte (60 calories in a tall)

If you need something sweet in the afternoon, this Starbucks beverage is my number one recommendation. Ask them to go light on the ice, otherwise you can easily finish your drink in two sips.










2. Iced Tea

Instead of snacking everytime you enter your kitchen, mix a pitcher of this diet tea, keep it in your fridge and pour yourself a virtually calorie free glass instead of reaching for the ice cream.










3. Iced Coffee (~25 calories in a small)

For those who love the taste of coffee, skip the sugar or artificial sweetener, add a little skim milk and drink up.











– Mae Hochhauser


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