Painless Paradise Packing

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Painless Paradise Packing












Photo courtesy of The Coveteur; Image of Chloe Malle’s suitcase (Vogue Social Editor)


Yes, it usually takes hours to decide what to bring. The good thing about summer is that we don’t have to pack as much. No more bulky winter clothes but instead, skimpy bikinis. Take advantage of this and pack that same huge black luggage and fill it up with summery wonders. Or, pack your carry on and skip the wait at baggage claim. Whatever you do, look for inspiration from The Coveteur, an online lookbook at what the fashion’s top people get inspiration from. Perfectly curated, The Coveteur lets us into the best closets and homes through perfect images captured by Jake Rosenberg.

Experience what the staff at Vogue decide to bring for their escapes. Remember, packing can be easy!

Elonia McHenry

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