Calling All Travelers in France!

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Calling All Travelers in France!








The Summer Sale, ‘Les Soldes’, in France is almost here! The 22nd of June until the 26th of July!

Background info: France has nationalized the sale so from now on, it will always be twice a year: in January and also in June.

How it works: All stores are only allowed to have two weeks of sales of their choosing besides the nationalized sale dates. When the sale starts, most merchandise is 25-30% off. As the sale goes on, the prices decrease. Usually by the end of the sale, what remains is marked 75% off.

Advice: If you love something, buy it early on. Chances are that it won’t be there by the end of the sale!

P.S. Yes, this is directed to you, Penn Summer Abroad in Tours!!!

Elonia McHenry


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