Nutritious News: Surviving Finals

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Nutritious News: Surviving Finals

Need help getting through your finals? Try these tips for quick pick-me-ups during your study breaks.

Eat Chocolate, especially dark chocolate, to perk you up. Chocolate has chemicals that release “happiness” hormones in your body. Just don’t eat too much or you’ll feel sick and sleepy.

Drink Green Tea instead of Red Bull. Green tea has natural caffeine and antioxidants, not all the fake sugars in energy drinks, not to mention you won’t crash when the effects of green tea wear off.

Go for a Short Jog when you start to feel your concentration dip. Studies have shown that a 20 minute jog releases hormones that help you concentrate. A simple route to take is Spruce to 34th to Walnut to 40th (essentially a square around campus).

Sleep at Night, not several naps during the 24-hour span. It may seem like those power naps are more productive for you, but in the long run (aka when the exam comes around), your brain will be more rested if you sleep all at once.


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