Fling Edition: What’s In My Bag?

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Fling Edition: What’s In My Bag?



Rachel Harrison-Gordon’s Fling Fanny Pack

Spring Fling is upon us! And we all know that amidst the fun and excitement, it’s a hassle to have to carry a purse or bag around your shoulders. Handy and easy, a fanny pack is a popular staple for Penn girls during Spring Fling. In it goes all the essentials you’ll need to enjoy Spring Fling to the fullest. Fanny pack’s can sometimes be viewed as outdated ,but Rachel’s fanny pack is a perfect example of one that is fun and flirty to wear around your waist. Here are a few of the things she keeps in her fling fanny pack:

1. Disposable Camera

2. Lipbalm

3. Hairclip

4. Candy

5. Keychain

6. Band-Aids

7. Mirror

8. 5-dollar bill

9. Lighter

10. Sunglasses

Make sure you get one before Friday!


-Jackie Wang

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