What to Wear to Spring Formal

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What to Wear to Spring Formal

Since sorority and fraternity formals are coming up, this guide should help you find the perfect outfit to wear for this occasion!  Chic and impressive is the key. Chic, as in stylish and impressive, not as inpompous/kitschy.

A cocktail dress is guaranteed to make this work. Choose one slightly above knee length (definitely not the mini dress you’d wear to a frat) and in a shape that accentuates and embraces your figure (you know all that stuff already: colors add volume, stripesadd length, waist bows pinpoint beautiful hour-glass figures, etcetera).

Shoes can be any basic color and style (…definitely heels!), but if you’re feeling adventurous, some experimentation would not hurt (as long as you can still dance).

Finally, I would go wild on fancy accessorizing. A beautiful large necklace or quirky earrings combined with a classic look, will give you an interesting edge, and will definitely be memorable (not only in the photos).

-Tania Vasilikioti


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