The Best Fling Shirts


The Best Fling Shirts

Spring Fling is a time when fraternities, sororities, and student groups can express their true creativity. Fling isn’t Fling without neon hats and quirky t-shirts or jerseys adorned with clever puns and phrases. Fling 2011 was no exception, even with that one rainy day! We are taking this opportunity to acknowledge all the work and effort that goes into creating the perfect Fling shirt. Here is our list of the best of Fling 2011:

1) The Classiest Alcohol Reference (Sigma Kappa)








2) Best Play on Words (Sigma Alpha Epsilon)








3) Best Drunken Reference (Kappa Alpha Theta)









4) Cutest Allusion to “Frat” Culture (Chi Omega)








5) Best Use of Fast Food (Class Boards and Penn Traditions)








6) Best Use of Color, Alcohol, and Wordplay  (Zeta Beta Tau)





7) Best Historical Reference (FLINGables)

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