Roberto Capucci: Art into Fashion


Roberto Capucci: Art into Fashion

If you believe that fashion and art are two separate worlds, than you clearly have not heard of Roberto Capucci. The Roman designer/artist is a pioneer in Italian high fashion due to his innovative use of colors, materials and silhouettes.

His remarkable collection of costumes and textiles is currently on display until June 16th at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. I must say, the PMA really outdoes itself with this exhibit.

I passed Capucci’s chronologically archived collection in a state of sheer awe. Personally, I thought it was interesting to see the trajectory of Mr. Capucci’s career and thus, his ever-evolving vision. One of his first pieces on display includes a simple black A-line wool coat lined with leopard fur, which greatly contrasts with a sculptural dress covered in beads crafted recently by the designer in 2007. The evolution is phenomenal.

Come one, come all. Fashionistas, sculptors, and architects alike will all gravitate to the variety of aesthetics displayed throughout the exhibition. If you favor minimalist designs then you’ll want to wear the classic contemporary clothing right out of the museum. (You wish!) And if you are a couture queen, than you will be cast underneath a magical spell by just merely ogling his masterpieces. This clothing is eye candy! So get in the Italian spirit and see the Roberto Capucci: Art into Fashion. Bellissima!

Jordyn Shaffer



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