Fresh Fare at Audrey Claire


Fresh Fare at Audrey Claire

Audrey Claire

Hannah Bender

As the weather starts to get warmer, put on your wedges and floral dresses and head on down to 20th and Spruce street to Audrey Claire. At this little Mediterranean/American BYO with incredible service and beautiful decor, you’ll find fresh food at great prices. Audrey Claire is a perfect spot for a dinner with friends or a casual date. Make sure you bring some white wine and try the baby arugula salad (above), the grilled vegetables, the Chicken Milanese, or a delicious fish dish. Don’t be afraid to follow it up with the chocolate cake or the bread pudding!

Salmon – yum!

Mouthwatering Chicken Milanese

Gotta have dessert!

To read more details about my dinner at Audrey Claire, check out my blog, and be on the lookout for more Restaurants of the Week! Live to eat!

– Hannah

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