Drugstore IOTW: Thermacare Air-Activated Heatwraps


Drugstore IOTW: Thermacare Air-Activated Heatwraps

For your period woes:

It’s that awful time of the month again, and getting to class seems like the struggle of the century – staying in bed all day with your heating pad watching endless episodes of Grey’s Anatomy seems much more appealing.  If you have the energy to make it to class, these portable heating pads are a godsend.

They stick to your shirt (make sure to wear a baggy-ish one so that it’s completely invisible), and are as powerful as a regular heating pad for those horrible cramps.  They last 8 hours – and are hot the ENTIRE time.  The heating pads take a few minutes to warm up, but they are the perfect cure – along with chocolate – for that time of the month.  I promise that the $7.49 for a package of three is worth it.

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