Drugstore IOTW: Fling ‘Emergency’ Kit


Drugstore IOTW: Fling ‘Emergency’ Kit

It’s fling week, and spring is in the air!  Before you rage your face off, hit up CVS and some other stores on campus for some fling necessities.  Be safe, and happy flinging!

First, and perhaps most importantly, don’t forget some ibuprofen.  This is definitely a plus if you’re planning to attend any classes on Friday without feeling like complete shit.

Thursday night, you happened to stumble into someone else’s bed.  Drinking must commence immediately Friday morning, and there is NO time for showering, let alone washing your hair.  Tresemme’s newly popular dry shampoo is to the rescue.  Spritz a little on your messy downtown hair from last night, and you’ll be ready to hit the quad in no time.

You’re wondering how to smuggle some alcohol into the quad (even though you probably made some freshman stock up and plan to invade their room).  Look no further than Urban Outfitters on 36th for a wide selection of flasks.  You can stick this thin flask almost anywhere, and alcohol happens to taste wonderful with that lemonade they sell…

It’s Sunday afternoon, and you just woke up – not feelin so hot.  Stock your fridge with some Gatorade to restore those electrolytes you lost all weekend.  And no, this doesn’t make up for the thirteen fried oreos you had, but it might make you feel better.



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