Catwalk Secrets: Penn Models Tell All


Catwalk Secrets: Penn Models Tell All

Eight models from the spring fashion show, Reverie, give us an inside look at their personal lives and clue us in on how they feel about being Penn’s heartthrobs of the moment…


Are you involved in any clubs or associations at Penn? If so, please tell us about something you do.

Liz Scott: I am involved with Wharton Retail Club, Lantern Senior Society, & Delta Delta Delta. Dacy Knight: International Affairs Association where we also model (the United Nations).

Ivana Vasic-Lalovic: Europenn!

Camilo Maldonado: I am on the Wharton Council where I currently serve as co-chair. We organize school-wide traditions to build a more vibrant Wharton community and serve as the umbrella organization for the student clubs.

Debra Okafor: MAPS, New Spirit of Penn Gospel Choir, Onyx Senior Honor Society (OL Love!!)

Tunuka Gray: Penn International Business Volunteers, Residential Advisory Board, Big Brothers Big Sisters and The School Fund.

Ben Watkins: Penn Taiwanese Society. I plan fun Taiwanese stuff. Check us out!


Do you have any athletic prowess? If so, please explain.

Liz Scott: I had a short stunt of playing varsity Lacrosse at Penn. After I stopped playing, I turned into one of those crazy people that runs marathons and half marathons…and love it!

Dacy Knight: Penn Cheer

Tunuka Gray: Chilllll, haven’t worked out since high school!  I used to swim though….

Rachel Kwon: I am the most unathletic girl you’ll probably ever meet, but I live with athletes.


Previous modeling experience?

Liz Scott: Absolutely none.

Ivana Vasic-Lalovic: Walking in a student fashion show at Pratt Institute, a charity fashion show for Maxwell’s Designer Clothing, and a photo shoot for a Serbian magazine “Bliz Zena.”

Camilo Maldonado: Nothing serious, although I have been approached by a few agents and scouts.

Debra Okafor: None, this is my first. But hopefully not my last J

Tunuka Gray: Nah

Ben Watkins: Locust. All day, e’ry day

Rachel Kwon: None


Best part of being one of the most statuesque people at Penn?

Liz Scott: I would consider myself more of a goofball than statuesque—in fact, the 12 girls I live with know I am the first to take a joke over the line.

Ivana Vasic-Lalovic: Free drinks

Camilo Maldonado: All of the attention from people I’ve never met.

Debra Okafor: I never have to worry about not being able to see behind people.

Tunuka Gray: People notice you.

Ben Watkins: WALK interviews.

Rachel Kwon: Being taller than almost every guy at Penn when I wear heels.



Liz Scott: Towering over most guys at Smokes.

Ivana Vasic-Lalovic: See above.

Camilo Maldonado: All of the attention from people I’ve never met.

Debra Okafor: The professors can see me a little too clearly, especially when I’m trying to nap.

Tunuka Gray: People notice you.

Ben Watkins: Holding back the fans.


How glamorous is the life of a “Reverie” model?

Liz Scott: Compared to my normal life, very!

Dacy Knight: It can look and feel pretty glamorous, but there’s a lot of hairspray, fake eyelash glue, and tape holding things in place.

Ivana Vasic-Lalovic: As glamorous as the post-show family photo attack gets.

Camilo Maldonado: I had never had anyone physically help me get dressed before…

Debra Okafor: I mean you get to have you hair and makeup done, and wear fabulous clothes by amazing student designers…what more can you ask for?

Tunuka Gray: Not as glamorous as it needs to be…

Ben Watkins: Chaperons and limousines, shopping for expensive things.

Rachel Kwon: Not at all glamorous, pretty average if you ask me.


Celebrity Crush?

Liz Scott: LeBron James

Dacy Knight: The guy from the Ralph Lauren Polo Blue cologne ad, circa 2003.

Ivana Vasic-Lalovic: Johnny Depp and Antonio Banderas

Camilo Maldonado: Emma Watson

Debra Okafor: Jon Hamm

Tunuka Gray: Pharrell Williams

Rachel Kwon: Tim Riggins from Friday Night Lights, I think I’m in LOVE.


If you could have one super-power it would be:

Liz Scott: To be able to teleport

Dacy Knight: The ability to snap my fingers and be anywhere in the world I want to be.

Camilo Maldonado: To be able to travel back in time to relive my best memories.

Debra Okafor: To read people’s minds, facial expressions only tell so much.

Tunuka Gray: The ability to instantly travel to the destination of my choice.

Ben Watkins: Telepathy

Rachel Kwon: To be invisible.


Who is your fashion icon?

Liz Scott: Heidi Klum

Dacy Knight: Camilla Belle

Camilo Maldonado: My beautiful girlfriend, Jaclyn Gurwin. (sorry ladies)

Debra Okafor: Sarah Jessica Parker or Joan Holloway from Mad Men

Tunuka Gray: Gwen Stefani, Solange Knowles…I dunno, anyone who wears what they want and breaks the mold.

Ben Watkins: Dan Humphrey

Rachel Kwon: Kate Moss


What’s on the play-list in your dressing room (or dorm room, more accurately)?

Dacy Knight: Brandon Flowers, Feist, and Mika

Ivana Vasic-Lalovic: “Baby Baby Baby” – Make the Girl Dance

Camilo Maldonado: The latest electro-music beats.

Debra Okafor: I like to mix it up, at this moment its Little Dragon, Theophilus London, Michael Jackson, and Miles Davis.

Tunuka Gray: EVERYTHING. Nicki Minaj, Travie McCoy, Miguel, Drake, Lauryn Hill, MIA, Lupe Fiasco…this list goes on.

Ben Watkins: Miike Snow, Kaskade, Panic! At the Disco, Vampire Weekend, Hans Zimmer, K-pop

Rachel Kwon: Lil’ Wayne, Pitbull, Backstreet Boys, Wiz Khalifa,

How do you maintain that top-model physique?

Liz Scott: Running & hot yoga

Dacy Knight: Russian Deadlifts and Good Mornings

Ivana Vasic-Lalovic: A forgiving metabolism

Camilo Maldonado: I basically live at the gym.

Debra Okafor: Hitting the gym on a regular basis is a MUST. Get it right, get it tight.

Tunuka Gray: I laugh a lot.

Ben Watkins: Pottruck, 24/7. 24 minutes, 7 times a year.

Rachel Kwon: Walking up and down the stairs of my house, that’s about as much exercise as I get.


Favorite food:

Liz Scott: Dark chocolate, peanut butter, & blueberries.

Dacy Knight: Sushi

Debra Okafor: Chocolate!!

Tunuka Gray: Anything really, I’m adventurous with food.

Ben Watkins: Sushi!

Rachel Kwon: Anything unhealthy, I love fried food.


Favorite Store:

Liz Scott: Saks, boutiques and vintage shops

Dacy Knight: Buffalo Exchange

Ivana Vasic-Lalovic: Guess

Debra Okafor: Asos, I’m constantly online window-shopping

Tunuka Gray:

Ben Watkins: Express

Rachel Kwon: Saks, shopbop and Barney’s Co-op

Post-show Indulgence:

Liz Scott: Red wine & a good movie.

Ivana Vasic-Lalovic: Going out with fake eyelashes still attached

Tunuka Gray: Shots…

Rachel Kwon: McDonald’s (chicken nuggets and a quarter pounder please)


Guilty pleasures:

Liz Scott: Vintage purses, cashmere sweaters and dark chocolate

Dacy Knight: Crêpes and Nutella

Ivana Vasic-Lalovic: There’s no guilt involved

Debra Okafor: Cocktail dresses…and coffee

Tunuka Gray: Breakfast in bed

Rachel Kwon: Late night eating and watching TV shows all day

What is the way to your heart?

Liz Scott: Someone who makes me laugh, sends me flowers when I least expect it, and dark chocolate.

Dacy Knight: A highbrow sense of humor and great conversation (crêpes and Nutella help too)

Ivana Vasic-Lalovic: Signs of insanity

Debra Okafor: Ben and Jerry’s Cheesecake Brownie ice cream…give me a pint of that and I’m all yours.

Tunuka Gray: Fooood and chivalrous behavior.

Ben Watkins: Willingness to try something new.

Rachel Kwon: Bribe me with food or drinks, you’ll find a way to my heart in a matter of seconds.


It’s Thursday at 10am. Where are you?

Liz Scott: Asleep. Wednesday nights are my favorite night to go out & drink too much.

Dacy Knight: Hopefully still asleep in bed.

Ivana Vasic-Lalovic: Running late

Tunuka Gray: My bed. Duh.

Ben Watkins: Sleeping (skipping Econ).

Rachel Kwon: Still sleeping, I’m not a morning person.


It’s Thursday at 10pm. Where are you?

Liz Scott: In bed watching girly shows with my best friends & roommates.

Dacy Knight: Wherever Penn Cheer is.

Ivana Vasic-Lalovic: Running late

Tunuka Gray: Where are you? Drinkers…$1 drinks

Ben Watkins: Chilling at SigEp or hanging with my PTS fam.

Rachel Kwon: Running around, doing God knows what.

Justin Beiber or Jayden Smith?

Liz Scott: Beiber fever.

Dacy Knight: I whip my hair

Debra Okafor: They both have amazing hair…but I’m a sucker for a comb over, so Bieber!!

Tunuka Gray: Can I have both?

Ben Watkins: I’m hot with Beiber Fever.

Rachel Kwon: Beiber, I like his hair


Mad4 or Tap House?

Liz Scott: Toss up.

Dacy Knight: Tap House

Ivana Vasic-Lalovic: Tap House

Debra Okafor: Tap House!

Tunuka Gray: Mad4. Bigazz + wingsss all day every day.

Ben Watkins: Tap House for sure.

Rachel Kwon: Tap House


Flats or Heels?

Liz Scott: Heels.

Dacy Knight: Depends on the time and place

Ivana Vasic-Lalovic: Heels

Debra Okafor: Heels of course, better yet pumps.

Tunuka Gray: Depends on the night.

Rachel Kwon: Heels


Boxers or Briefs?

Liz Scott: Boxers

Ivana Vasic-Lalovic: Briefs

Debra Okafor: Briefs

Tunuka Gray: Boxers

Ben Watkins: Boxers

Rachel Kwon: Boxers


Words to live by:

Liz Scott: Do one thing ever day that scares you.

Dacy Knight: “We should consider every day lost on which we have not danced at least once.” – Nietzsche

Debra Okafor: Everything happens for a reason.

Tunuka Gray: “To be happy, we must not be too concerned with others” -Albert Camus

Ben Watkins: Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.

Rachel Kwon: Success is not final, failure is not fatal.


Most people don’t know….

Liz Scott: I was born in Canada and have lived in Singapore & Switzerland.

Tunuka Gray: That I speak four languages and have traveled in over 20 countries.

Rachel Kwon: I’m an only child.


Liz Scott Year/2011/Marketing Major/Darien, Connecticut

Ivana Vasic-Lalovic/ 2013/International Relations Major/Belgrade, Serbia

Camilo Maldonado/2011/Finance Major/Saint Cloud, Minnesota

Tunuka Gray/2012/International Relations Major/Tallahassee, FL

Ben Watkins/2013/Economics Major/Rochester, NY

Dacy Knight/2011/Communications Major/Mercer Island, WA








Debra Okafor/2012/Health and Societies Major/Chicago, IL






Photo Credit: Denis O’Flynn O’Brien

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