Bookstore IOTW: Skullcandy Headphones


Bookstore IOTW: Skullcandy Headphones

There are some new arrivals to the Penn Bookstore. Everyone, help me welcome the Skullcandy brand to UPenn! Well known for their quality headphones, music lovers all over will adore the products that the Bookstore has in stock. The current hit are these amazing cherry colored Low Rider style headphones. They come in assorted colors, but have sold so well that the final few ones are in a lighter cherry colored. They are iPod/iPhone compatible, so don’t worry about them working with your mp3. These headphones are small, but pack a lot of power. The speaker diameter is about 40mm, so they are sure to make your skull vibrate from Ke$ha, Ratatat, or whatever else is on your day’s playlist. For $39.98, these can be yours. Don’t wait, they won’t be in the bookstore forever.

-Robert Franco

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