Bookstore IOTW: Penn Dyed Shirt


Bookstore IOTW: Penn Dyed Shirt







Ah, spring is here. Which means Fling is just around the corner. And what better shirt to wear on your week(end) of debauchery than this uniquely dyed Penn shirt. This popular shirt made its debut earlier this year in the bookstore and has yet to be removed from the racks, so get yours before they’re gone for good. The shirt is made of 100% stretch cotton, so its comfortable and durable against any situation. Created by the minds of New Agenda, this shirt is made in a special dying process that leaves each one unique from the rest. For $24.98, you can have your own distinct shirt in either royal blue, dark red, black, or navy. If you stare long enough, it’s a bit trippy isn’t it?

-Robert Franco

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