Bookstore IOTW: Penn Can and Bottle Huggers


Bookstore IOTW: Penn Can and Bottle Huggers







Just when you thought all of your preparations for Spring Fling were complete, the Penn Bookstore throws some absolutely necessary purchases at you. Here are some items that definitely need to go on your Fling checklist…right underneath storing 40lbs of liquor and beer in your room. The Penn collapsible can hugger and bottle hugger are some of the bookstore’s most novel items. The bottle hugger even has a zipper opening and keychain strap to make transferring and transporting your beers 10x easier. Coming in either red or blue, the bottle hugger is only $8.98. The can hugger comes in one stylish print and goes for $4.98. Either one is a worthy, and durable, investment that will last through your next few Flings and beyond.

-Robert Franco

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