Beauty Buzz: Golden Glow

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Beauty Buzz: Golden Glow

It’s almost beach season, and no one wants to look pale in their hot new bikini. (Or three new bikinis if you spent a little too much time online shopping during math class). With all the new technology that has developed to give you sun kissed skin, there is absolutely no reason to fry yourself with UV rays. So, protect yourself against skin cancer and lather on the sunscreen. Below are some other great methods that will not only give you that natural glow but will also leave your friends jealous in twenty years when you don’t have wrinkles!

Airbrush Tan: A great method for a full body tan because the estheticians generally have experience customizing the color and amount applied to each part of your body. Try out a WALK staff favorite, Sun Myst Tanning Spa at 124 South 16th street, for some pre-formal color.

Mystic Tan: Step into a booth while an airbrush sprays you from head to toe. For you Friends fans, don’t forget to turn around! Check out the website for nearby locations and more information.










Self-Tanner: If you’re a do-it-yourself kind of person, head to the drugstore and buy a bottle of self-tanner. Clarins is a personal favorite, it definitely won’t leave you looking orange.

Based on the forecast, the clouds won’t be leaving Philadelphia anytime soon. So screw the sun and go get a sunless tan. After all of those fried Oreos, we could all use something that will make us look skinnier!

-Mae Hochhauser


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