Worthy of Wanting


Worthy of Wanting

Wantworthy: Guaranteed to Satisfy any Online Shopping Craving

Have you heard of Wantworthy yet? If you haven’t, I dare you to check their website for the greatest perks and most original idea assimilating ideas of fashion and e-commerce. Wantworthy, an online fashion tool is described as helping people with their “Ultimate Wish List,” where you can use your toolbar and save items of clothing on your Wantworthy account, later pulling it up to show your mother why you absolutely need that dress you saw on Zara without going through the hassle of surfing around for it. Wantworthy was started by Wharton seniors,  Josh Wais and Lauren McDevitt, not only to satisfy their love for fashion but also for the different technological areas of business it touches upon, including e-commerce and mobile applications. Walk Magazine asked Lauren McDevitt to explain a little behind their company.

  • What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?

I’ve always been interested in creating things and I found my favorite avenue to do so with is technology and business.  I’m especially interested in creating great experiences for users.  My background prior to having started Wantworthy was in product management and digital marketing.

  • How do you hope the site will benefit students?

Our goal with Wantworthy is to take the hassle out of shopping online and make it a more fun and manageable experience.  I first got the idea for Wantworthy because I’d have tons of tabs open in my browser with items I’d find while shopping online.  I didn’t have a good way to keep track of them, compare them and stay organized.  Wantworthy solves these problems by helping users keep track of all their finds in one convenient place.

  • Please tell me more about the contest in which the selected users win $500.00 of the items on their wish list? How does it work?

We’re running a very exciting contest in which you could win up to $500 dollars worth of items from your Wantworthy list.  To enter, you simply have to sign up for Wantworthy and start adding items to your list.  We’ll be selecting a winner May 31st and will notify her over email.

  • Do you recommend any Wharton courses to help other entrepreneurs looking to go into a similar field?

I’m not a big fan trying to learn about entrepreneurship through classes, although I have taken some interesting ones (such as Jonah Berger’s Contagious class).  I think just going out and starting something of your own is a much more fun and beneficial way to learn and get a feel for entrepreneurship.

– Angela Santurbano


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