WTF: What the “Flatform”?!


WTF: What the “Flatform”?!


I was recently scouring one of my favorite celebrity fashion blogs,, and though I usually agree with the fashion selections of website co-founders Katherine Power and Hillary Kerr, I have to confess I was appalled by their promotion of “flatforms” for the Spring. Unfortunately, “flatforms” are exactly what they sound like: flat platforms. While I am in favor of each of these styles in isolation (I live in flats and I love a good platform for a night out), I am an ardent believer that—just as two “wrongs” make a “right”—two “rights” make a “wrong”. The “flatform” is no exception. This new-fangled trend, which has inexplicably inspired even the most tasteful of style-makers, from Philip Lim to Karl Lagerfeld, is reminiscent of a slightly sexed up geriatric shoe. It’s one thing for a shoe to be comfortable and it is another for a shoe to look comfortable. So listen up trend mongers, if you’re looking to update your wardrobe for the spring, opt for a new flat or a new platform but please do not, under any circumstances, opt for a “flatform”.

-Marissa D’Onofrio


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