TV Looks of the Week: Seth Cohen’s Sweethearts


TV Looks of the Week: Seth Cohen’s Sweethearts

The O.C.: Summer v. Anna

By Mae Hochhauser

Seth Cohen definitely had good taste in women. Of that, there’s no dispute. And, although my middle school self secretly envies Summer and Anna for getting to make out with the a-dork-able Seth, I cannot help but admire their senses of style. These two women were strong characters. But, Seth seemed to be all they had in common. Their styles were distinctly different.


Anna was the punky, funky, hipster on the show. She came on the scene and really shook up the O.C.’s fashion world. She was known for bold statements, edgy looks, and beret caps. She wasn’t afraid to mix bright colors or plaid with collared shirts and sequins.


Summer was the classic, sophisticated, golden girl of the teen drama. She always preferred a more tailored look with statement pieces. Summer’s style really evolved over the show’s many seasons, going from more tee-shirts and short shorts to gorgeous dresses and interesting jackets.


I have to say I am Team Summer in terms of style, but I will always appreciate Anna’s ability to throw mismatched items together to make a cohesive outfit. To achieve Summer’s look check out Marc by Marc Jacobs dresses and for Anna just put together anything (and everything) from the Patricia Field store. When in doubt, watch the O.C. for inspiration (if not for a stroll down memory lane). And, don’t forget to check out Rachel Bilson’s column in InStyle every month for fashion tips from the actress herself!

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