Trendy Techy


Trendy Techy

Let’s be honest, nowadays people care just as much about what’s in their pocket as what they’re wearing. The newest phones and tablets are both a fashion and status symbol, so you better make sure you’re up to date on the latest.


There’s a lot of hot stuff out there now. Obviously people are jumping ship to the iPhone like crazy now that it’s finally on Verizon. The word’s out now that the sacred BBM is coming to iPhone and Android soon, so I think it’s safe to say BlackBerries are definitely on the way out. Not to mention Android is on the rise, surpassing the iPhone this year in total quantity in the US. Brand new, today, is the HTC Thunderbolt. This thing is packing a serious punch and is some serious competition for the iPhone. I must say, though, I think the iPhone is still on top for best phone right now.


Not quite as much competition for this one. The iPad was on top, and for now the iPad 2 definitely takes best in show for tablets. Good luck finding one, though. Look out later this year, though, for some solid competition from Android and Blackberry. Most notably, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and Motorola Xoom are coming with Android’s first made-for-tablet OS, Android 3.0 Gingerbread. And RIM will soon be releasing the Blackberry Playbook. These should pose arguably the first real competition the iPad has had since its introduction a year ago.

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