Walkstar of the Week: Kerry Scalora


Walkstar of the Week: Kerry Scalora

Athlete Spotlight Questionnaire:
Spotlight on: Kerry Scalora
Athletic Team: Varsity Soccer
Position: Forward
Graduation Year: 2014
Other Hobbies: Shopping!, Dancing, Hanging out with friends
Played sport since: 6 years old
Look for her in Jersey #: 9

Sports Icon/Role Model: I really don’t have any sports icons in general. I just look up to any athlete that has achieved any amounts of success and want to be like them. But I really would say that my role model is my mom. She always knows the right way to handle situations and I swear to god, is ALWAYS right. It’s so annoying, but it’s helpful. I can always talk to her when I have a bad day on the field or off and she knows just what to say that can make me feel better. My mom really does keep me sane. Without her, I’d be a total head case!

Explain your position on the team. How does it individually impact the team?

What awards have you won? J J J bragging is allowed ! My position is basically in the attack. My team wants me to score goals or have assists and hopefully I rise to the occasion. I also am known for having a big left foot, so they expect me to swing crosses in for others on the team to finish on net. I try to be a team player as best as I can and work with everyone on the team so we are a more powerful as a collective, cohesive unit.

The most important awards that I won in high school would be getting All State all four years, All- Region team, and All- American my senior year.

This past year with Penn Women’s Soccer, I was tied for leading goal scorer with Marin McDermott. We both had 5 goals and 2 assists. I also received Ivy League Rookie of the Year, ECAC (East Coast Athletic Conference) Rookie of the Year, made second team All-Ivy and was three-time Ivy League Rookie of the Week.

Do you have any pre-game ritual?

Before every game, I am a little zany when it comes to my rituals. I CANNOT always be on my feet throughout the day or I feel as though I’ll be tired for the game. I sit in my bed, play pump up music and just relax. Sometimes, I watch intense sports movies like Miracle and Remember the Titans before to pump me up as well as pass the time (I’m so lame). I have a few set songs that I NEED to listen before I play and if I don’t, I’m for certain I won’t play well. Right before I start the game- this is where my ritual gets a little weird. I tap my left foot three times and say in my head all the things I’m going to do well in the game. I have no idea why I tap my foot three times. Or why it’s my left. (I can’t believe I’m sharing this info with you! I’m a freak!)

How does the team prepare the hour before the game?

Before the game, we all meet in the locker room. We get all of our equipment on and everyone gets pumped up. We have music blaring on our stereo system and normally the DJ is Caroline Williams. It’s a stressful job- so I give her some credit. I did it once and I was so self-conscious about choosing the right music to play that would appeal to everyone and I will never sign up for that again!

What do you eat the night before a game? Pasta? Pancakes?

The night before a game, you generally take in a lot of carbs. Although I don’t like pasta, I normally end up eating it. I also pig out on tons of bread and salad and with the amount of carbs I eat- I pray I burn it all off in the game! J

Are they team events? Team dinners?

We normally don’t do team dinners, but since the team is always with each other- you generally will see all of us eating together. As a team, we do pre-game meals. Normally, these consist of sandwiches from Jimmy Johns or a healthy meal from Greek Lady. I prefer the lunch boxes we get from Jimmy’s- it comes with a sandwich, chips and a cookie!

What is a typical day like?

A typical day for me on game day starts with going to class (obviously). It’s nearly impossible for me to pay attention because I’m constantly thinking about the game and sizing up our opponent. I generally go onto the opposing team’s roster and individually scout out all of their players (weird I know). I spend at least a good hour sorting through the roster, checking out their accolades, and picking out who the best players are that as a team we will need to handle.

You’re on the starting lineup and won so many awards!

(thanks hahaha)

What is your most memorable moment on the soccer field?

My most memorable moment on the soccer field would be with my old club team, Connecticut Football Club United. We were playing at a tournament in Las Vegas and were down a lot of players. Our opponent was a California team (which actually my best friend and roommate Christina Hart plays for) and they were known as being one of the best teams in the country. Both teams were down a few good players here and there, but it was an exciting day to say the least. I had to play center mid to try to balance the team out and make everything kind of “work” together sufficiently. The score was surprisingly tied 2-2 with four minutes left. From 30 yards out, I remember just nailing the ball as hard as I could towards the goal. I sent it directly over the goalkeepers’ head in the top right corner and we won the game! I was SO excited. I remember just being like “if I died right now I would be so content with my life”…. complete over-exaggeration but that is exactly how I felt!

How do you balance academics and athletics?

Balancing academics and athletics is really challenging, but I think I’ve done the best I could have thus far at managing both. By the time practice comes around after having a long school day, you’re so tired. Then after practice and having homework to do, you’re even more tired. But what is helpful about balancing both is that you need to make sure your time management is right on track. I need to get my homework assignments done, so anytime I find in-between, I try to get my work done.

What is your inspiration for continuing Soccer in college?

My inspiration for continuing Soccer in college is the team I’ve come to have as my best friends and for striving for that feeling of success. I love all of my teammates and really couldn’t see going through Penn without them. On the field and off, I respect each player so greatly and they all are good people to associate with. I couldn’t see quitting and leaving their sides throughout all the intense practices or the tiring fitness we all suffer through. Also, whenever I get sick of Soccer- I really just remember that feeling of success and victory. When something good happens in the game, I legit get chills up my body. I’ll look down after we’ve just scored a goal and see goose bumps on my legs and arms. Anything bad or frustrating that happens when I play, I just remember those goose bumps and how much I love them. I live for that feeling of being on top of the world, being successful and feeling as though nothing can stop me. Soccer gives me that feeling and for that, I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Favorite Soccer team?

AHHH, always, always, always, my coaches yell at me because I really NEVER watch soccer. Such a problem and a bad habit, I need to change that. Personally, I’d rather watch Jersey Shore or a Chick Flick, I guess that’s where my girly self comes in! But, right now, I’ll admit that my favorite soccer team is Penn Women’s Soccer! Duhhh

Funny locker room stories?

I can think of one that comes to mind. Our head coach was using the dry erase board to explain a formation or something that we needed to work on in practice better (can’t quite remember). He then wanted to draw something else and needed to erase what he had just written on the board. He grabbed the loop (where she puts her dirty laundry) off one of my teammates’ lockers, and used her towel to erase the board. I’m not sure if he noticed, but her underwear was visibly exposed while he scrubbed off all his drawings. It was hilarious! And awkward…

Teach us a soccer move (to impress our friends)

My favorite soccer move is the step over. I use variations of it within the game but it all comes off of the same move. My best friend who plays soccer at Boston College constantly makes fun of me for it, as she says I look like a loser when I do it. But hey- it works! So here you go (I’ll let you in on my secret). I take my right foot and bring it around the ball. I start on the inside and swing my foot around the soccer ball to the outside of the ball. Then I’ll take my left foot and do the same exact thing. Once that’s done, I’ll either do a body fake or hopefully kick the ball past my opponent and run as fast as I can to beat her!

Beckham or Donovan?

Beckham. He’s a hottie with a bodyyyyy

Lucky pair of cleats?

I ALWAYS wear Adidas predators. I got my first pair probably when I was 11 and have not deviated from that trend sense. I’ve been through at least like 15 pairs since then. My current pair of cleats is white Adidas predators with blue starts on the instep. I would say that from last season, these babies are pretty lucky. Hopefully these will hold out for quite some time because I don’t want to get a new pair!

What is your long term goal?

A long term goal I’d say is for my team. I want us to be back-to-back Ivy League Champions. I know that Darren has never accomplished that before and I believe that we have the right players on this team to get the job done. I really want to give him a back-to-back title and I want every player on my team to have that success as well!

What is your short term goal?

My short term goal is just to get prepared for the upcoming Spring season. I’m so excited to put my Penn jersey back on and get back out on the field! I plan on working extremely hard within practices and out of practices in order to ensure that I have a successful Spring season.

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

Oh gosh! 10 years. Hmm… I’ll be 28. Ah that’s so old! But not really. I hope that I’ll have a successful job that I love and enjoy. As lame as this sounds, I either want to be engaged or married! But can’t let that get in the way of my goals for myself. I’m a really competitive person, so I need to have a good job established and be able to stand independently before I can compromise myself for someone else! I also hope that I’ll still be involved in soccer. In some way, either coaching or maybe playing. Although I’m sure my body won’t be able to take all the fatigue that it can right now, but I hope it can!

Favorite moment from last season?

My favorite moment from last season would be when we won the Ivy League on Princeton’s territory. The crowd was huge and the overwhelming feeling of success was one that I’ll never forget. I love being a champion, so coming into this program as a freshman and winning a title was an unforgettable experience. Once the whistle blew, the team immediately ran towards one another and started rejoicing. My best friend Kat Barth leaped into my arms and we embraced for probably too long. I just remember repeating, “I’m so happy, I’m so happy!” over and over again. I can’t wait to have the chance to come back and do it again this coming season.

How do you stay in shape during the off-season?

Right now, I’m just running. I HATE running on treadmills, but in the winter- that’s all you can do. Seriously, I’ll come up with any excuse to not go to the gym. My mom laughs at the excuses I come up with. I love going for runs outside and recently I’ve been doing stadiums and sprints to mix up my workouts. I sprint up the stadium stairs at Franklin field and jog down them. I love the feeling of just having a good workout- it’s hard to put it down into words. I sound like such a sports fitness junkie right now.

Who did you root for in the World Cup?

United States! Then I switched once they lost.. Gotta always be rooting for the winning team. Guess I’m a traitor…


Interview by Nikki Pepperman

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