JewelMint: Kate Bosworth brings jewelry to your doorstep


JewelMint: Kate Bosworth brings jewelry to your doorstep

Have you ever wished that a new piece of jewelry could arrive at your doorstep every month? Well now, with JewelMint, there is a new way to purchase jewelry; with a subscription! Think of how you already receive magazines and how exciting it is when a new copy arrives in the mail. Now triple that excitement!

For only $30 a month, JewelMint members receive a piece of jewelry based on a personalized style profile (which you create yourself when you sign up) and recommendations on how to style the piece with your wardrobe. The pieces all have a unique, high-end look and feeling to them for a price that will not break the bank. What is even better? If you don’t like any pieces offered in a particular month, you can skip that month for no charge plus shipping and returns are completely free!

JewelMint is a collaboration between much-loved actress Kate Bosworth and celebrity stylist Cher Coulter. Fashionistas are raving about the new line and its eclectic mix of style. The line features art deco- inspired earrings, ornate cocktail rings and whimsical necklaces. All the pieces are equally glamorous and made with celeb-worthy materials.

An online jewelry club? How could you refuse?

*Check out JewelMint’s Youtube channel here!




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