Frat Fashion Forward: March 17-19


Frat Fashion Forward: March 17-19

St. Patrick’s Day events (above)

What to wear: Although the option of wearing a clover leaf T-shirt every single night of this weekend sounds very alluring, doing so will actually make you look pretty lazy and unimaginative. Give St. Paddy’s day a fashionable twist by incorporating cute green elements into an outfit of simpler colors, such as black or eggplant purple. Admittedly, green is a difficult color and it doesn’t suit everyone, so a darker green is the safest choice (you can match it with more colors, too!). Green headbands, earrings, shoes and even eye liner are also very cute details that can put you in the mood of the day! And don’t forget to add a little sparkle for the downtown!

What not to wear: Don’t cover yourself all in green. No, looking like an elf is not hot at all. Also, don’t walk around campus in the same jeans and “Ireland” T-shirt from Thursday to Sunday.

*EXTRA* Learn how to make these amazing braids to get that Irish-pastoral-girl look!

Night at the Roxbury

Night at the Roxbury

What to wear: Sure, it’s a 90s themed party, but you actually live in 2011. So, I suggest you keep it low on the rayon and the spandex, and instead prefer the nicest by-products of this culture. Go with a mini dress that accentuates your figure, stripes, high-waist trousers with a short top (yes, like your mom did in those 90s family photos; I bet she looked very pretty) and of course, large hoop earrings. Also: Madonna 90’s hair and kitsch shoes are highly recommended.

What not to wear: Unless you really want to, you don’t have to go with the extremes of spandex and nylon. Although actually

Mardi Gras Masquerage


What to wear: For the lucky ones who were at the authentic Mardi Gras parties during spring break, this should be a piece of cake. Mardi Gras is the perfect opportunity to put on all that glitter and feathers you were too embarrassed to wear otherwise. Don’t feel obliged to stick with gold, green or purple, and just go with any sparkly details (or even whole pieces!) you might like. Shorts with a sequin gold top, an extravagant shiny dress or just a mysterious mask (Oohlala) will put you right in the spirit of Fat Tuesday. Slip in those comfy green wedges and dance the night away.

What not to wear: Uncomfortable shoes, nice jackets, actual expensive jewelry(trust me, you will lose it).


Enjoy the weekend!


Tatiana Vasilikioti

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