Fashionably Professional: Dressing for Interviews and Internships


Fashionably Professional: Dressing for Interviews and Internships











Business casual is possibly one of the most ambiguous phrases that exists in the fashion world.  What does it mean?  How casual is too casual, and where does one draw the line between casual and formal?  Sure, you can always stick with the white button down and black pencil skirt or dress pants, but why should you have to sacrifice your personal style when it comes to the workplace?  Believe it or not, there is a way to be professional without being boring. Below are some guidelines on how to take the typical business casual pieces and add your personal touch.

1. The Pencil Skirt

Pick a fun print  like this and pair it with a solid colored shirt.  The key to making the skirt professional is length and material.  It doesn’t need to be form fitting in the same way pencil skirts are, but it does need to go just above the knee.  Keep in mind that during an interview or a day on the job, you will be sitting a lot so you want to be able to do so comfortably.  To make it fancier than casual, choose a dressier material than cotton or polyester.  If you are sticking with the classic black pencil skirt, be sure to pair it with a bold top to add some pizazz to your look.

2. The Blouse

If your skirt is bold and professional, you can even get a way with a basic cap-sleeved or three-quarter sleeve shirt in a complementary color as your top.  Just make sure it is modest in its neckline and fit.  To add a little flare to the basic white blouse, pick one that has ruffles or other embellishments that make it more you, like this one.  For the classic black pencil skirt, pick a cute yet modest printed top, or a solid bold color.

3.  Accessorize

Accessories are key to any business casual outfit.  They are your golden opportunity to let your personal style shine.  Choose one statement piece, like this necklace, or a ring, and wear it with a nice watch or simple but elegant bracelet.

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