Cheap Chic: Drugstore Finds


Cheap Chic: Drugstore Finds

I’ll admit it: CVS is one of my favorite stores.  Unlike Shopbop where my cart seems full with one DVF dress, I can fill my basket at CVS with about 100 beauty finds for that price.  Some people are make up snobs, I get that.  CoverGirl foundation doesn’t really compare to Chanel’s, but some drugstore items are amazing.  This new weekly feature will point out the best of the best.  Have a favorite?  Let us know!

Almay One Coat Dial Up Mascara, $6

This mascara is AMAZING.  The brush is quite similar to Chanel’s Inimitable Mascara, but even more thickening and a fifth of the price.  It has different levels to accommodate day time to night time make up.  Best of all, Almay make up is great for sensitive eyes and skin.  If you have issues, stay away from Maybelline, says a Beverly Hills ophthalmologist.


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