Spring Break: Hip Hats


Spring Break: Hip Hats


Spring Break 2011 is right around the corner. With flights booked and reservations made, it’s now time to start thinking about one of the most crucial parts of your vacation- your clothes. As we all know, the only thing as important as what you wear on your trip is getting that perfect bronze color (without any tan lines of course). While you’re working on your tan, however, protecting your skin should still be a priority. Penn fashionistas, you’re in luck! Hats are bigger than ever this season. And don’t worry, they come in all shapes and sizes.

Looking to release your inner cowgirl? Try this one.

If you’re going for a more sophisticated look, check out this hat.

And, of course, your standard fedora. If you don’t own one already, that is…

Then again, there is nothing wrong with sticking to your Penn baseball hat!

Jackie Chayet

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