Walkstars of the Week: Penn Roommates Launch “Dalla Nonna” Jewelry Line


Walkstars of the Week: Penn Roommates Launch “Dalla Nonna” Jewelry Line

Penn roommates Jess and Becca (class of ’99) launched the first collection of their jewelry line, dalla nonna, in the Spring of 2009 – and it’s taken off. They’ve even picked up a few celebrity fans (think Jessica Alba, Gabrielle Union, Jaden Smith & Chelsea Handler… nbd). Here they tell you about where they find their inspiration, and their signature piece, the calendar necklace.

Inspired by vintage pieces handed down from our mothers and
grandmothers, we fell in love with the idea of taking something old and
making it new.  after a few months of brainstorming, dalla nonna (which
translates from italian to “from the grandmother”) was born!

The calendar necklace: dalla nonna’s signature piece, the calendar
necklace, exemplifies dalla nonna’s blend of tradition and trend. derived
from an old tie pin of jess’ grandpa howard, each piece is executed in 14k
yellow, white or rose gold or sterling silver, and accented with a
sapphire in a color chosen by the wearer to commemorate a date of her
choosing (could be a birthday, graduation, anniversary, birth of a new
baby or any other important date).  with its sleek and modern design, the
calendar necklace is a subtle statement piece that allows the wearer to
hold a date that is close to her heart even closer still.

Since the launch of the calendar necklace, we’ve added to our line with
the calendar bracelet, the charmed calendar bracelet & the little letters
– all of which are in keeping with our “chic * custom * vintage-inspired”


  1. Ana

    I purchased a white gold calendar necklace and the special marked date was not that visible. I contacted Dalla Nonna because I wanted to exchange the stone to on that would stand out more and I was told no but that I could buy another one. I paid over $600 for the one I purchased. As if money grows on trees.

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