Frat Fashion Forward: Feb 24-26


Frat Fashion Forward: Feb 24-26



What to wear: Given the night is going to get pretty hot, wear light, breathable fabrics and comfortable dance clothes. Basshunter is all about the return of rave, so prepare to dance A LOT throughout the night. A sexy but simple top with skinny pants will not only make you feel pretty, but also comfortable enough to dance the night away! Crazy colors are a must. Wear those plastic colorful bracelets you still have from middle school, and the quirky T-shirt you bought from the La Roux concert. Let your hair down (but make sure you have a bright-colored hair tie with you just in case!) Quirky details required.

What NOT to wear: Don’t wear heels. Not only will you be unable to dance like everyone else, you will also feel overdressed. Instead, why not wear a pair of comfy flats like these? Also, avoid wearing a lot of make-up, because odds are you will sweat it off in the first 30 minutes. Stick with a water-resistant eye-liner or a bright pink lipstick. Details of items in the photo here.

(Corona) Island Party

Corona Island

What to wear: Now I know it sounds very tempting to wear your swimsuit (especially after looking at those cute girls on the event’s facebook photo), but please please please look at this first (a.k.a. YOU NEED TO WEAR TIGHTS) For the more modest, wear a summery skirt and a cute tank top or denim shorts and a colorful top. Tube tops are also a cute solution, bringing in spring break a little early, without inducing unnecessary pre-vacation pneumonia. A sweet, colorful dress is also an excellent choice. As for make-up – go natural. A summery touch might be the best inspiration.

What NOT to wear: Don’t wear the nice expensive clothes you bought for spring break. Don’t wear your last remaining good jacket (yay for Frackets!) Do not NOT wear tights. We might be pretending it isn’t, but it IS still cold. Details of items in the photo here.

Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll

Sex Drugs and Rock & Roll

What to wear: So, given you probably don’t have enough time to learn how to play the bass and become that hot rocker girl, we’ll have to stick with something simpler. Skinny pants/jeans, rock-n-roll-ish T-shirt/top and heavy accessorising. Paint your nails a dark, sexy color and do those sultry smokey eyes you’ve been trying on on weekday nights (usually right before midterms; we all know how that goes). Let your hair down and don’t forget to proclaim your love for sex, drugs and rock&roll with all your outfit! (Maybe add a cute jacket like Kurt Cobain’s one, too).

What NOT to wear: No floral shirts, pink skirts, or tube dresses. It’s all about THE music, right? ATTITUDE. Details of items in the photo here.


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