Recruitment 101: Your Guide to Dressing for Sorority Rush

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Recruitment 101: Your Guide to Dressing for Sorority Rush

This is your style survival guide for rush! Each round is a little different so be mindful of the time of day and how formal the event is when choosing your outfits.  All along remember that you are impressing girls, not boys.  This is not the time to wear your best fraternity party outfit, you want to look appropriate, stylish, and represent yourself well.  And don’t forget to bundle up because you spend a lot of time waiting outside!

Round One: Open House

This is the time to wear something unforgettable, set your self-apart from the hundreds of other girls going through rush.  A statement necklace or funky shoes will make you stand out.  This is an evening round so don’t be afraid to wear sequins or silk.  The attire is formal, so no jeans.  But no need to break out the fancy dresses quite yet.  Heels are always stylish but not for the faint of heart during rush because you will be walking and standing a lot!

Round Two: Skit Round

This round is similar to the last, a little fancy but not too formal.  It’s during the day so less evening attire then Open House.  At this point you should be more familiar with the sisters so it’s time to reveal more of your own personal style.  A unique sweater or your favorite pair of boots will make you a fashion standout for this round.  Additionally, I would not recommend wearing a skirt or dress because you sit on the floor to watch the houses’ skits.  This can be done much more elegantly in a pair of pants.  Keep it fancy with jewelry like a big pair of sparkly earrings!

Round Three: Philanthropy Round

This round is casual and most girls wear jeans.  Be advised that at many of the houses you will be sitting on the floor so “jeggings” might be more comfortable!  This round, like Skit Round, starts during the day so sequins and metallics are inappropriate.  Instead go for a knit top, cool belt, or a shrunken blazer.

Round Four: Pref Round

Ok now its time to get fancy!  Dresses and heels are recommended for this round.  But don’t go for the little black dress, most of the houses have the sisters dressed all in black or white so you want to stand out in a color or print.  Be careful when picking your dress, this is not a fraternity date party, you are trying to impress girls not boys.  Stay away from cut outs or backless styles.  And don’t forget to wear tights because it’s still cold out!

-Kate Hoblitzell

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