Fly Away With Feathers

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Fly Away With Feathers


Featured prominently on the runway this season, feathers are glamorous yet fun. Stars are enthusiastically embracing this trend as it can be spotted all over the red carpet.

1.                         Big Single Feather Necklace, Alex Monroe-

2.                         Francesca Feather Skirt, $330-

3.                         Miss Me Feather Tank Top, $

4.                         Mango Caponata Skirt-

5.                         Roberto Cavalli Feather Sandals-

6.                         Black Feather Clutch Bag-

7.                         Knitted Grey Ostrich Feather Vest-

8.                         Peacock Feather Bracelet Glitter-

9.                         Adam Ostrich feather bead mini skirt- $495 –

11.                        Rebecca Taylor Feather- silk dress, $

10.                        Mini Feather Black Dress-

12.                        ASOS Double Finger Metal Feather Ring, $14 –

– Melissa Urfirer

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