Tips and Tricks to Look Awake and Fresh During Finals!

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Tips and Tricks to Look Awake and Fresh During Finals!


1. Moisturize! This is definitely a must — after repetitive sleepless nights, your body will be lacking nutrition and natural oil so make it up with thoroughly moisturizing your skin!

2. Tinted Moisturizer – A nice way to apply sheer coverage on your skin without heavy duty foundation. Also, this works better since your skin tends to be drier your foundation won’t apply clearly to your skin.

3. Conceal! Concealers are life savors during finals to hide away any imperfections, blemishes, and those unavoidable dark circles.

but there are different types of concealers meant for different purposes!

  • dark circles: you need concealers that are yellow or orange tinted because you want to compliment the blue-ish color of your dark circles. Since it’s under the eyes, you DO NOT want to use think or anything that might cake up — I recommend using either liquid or concealer sticks. (also pick a tone that’s a tone lighter than your skin color– it helps your eye look more awake!)
  • blemishes, pimples, and other imperfections: I recommend using cream concealers since they tend to have thicker coverage and will be able to cover up the imperfections.

4. White Eyeliner- This is a trick most people don’t know about but it really works! Apply white eyeliner along the water line (the inside outline of your eyes) of your eye. Then apply black/brown eye liner; this really helps open your eyes and make them look fresh! Apply a more sheer liner(or white-ish shadow) on the inner corners of your eyes and right under your eye brows!

5. Quick lining of your eyes with black eyeliner, apply one simple coat of mascara, and coat of blush should do the trick!

6. Extra tips! Didn’t have enough time to shower? Gross, but we all have those days. Good solutions to this is to use oil blotting paper to give your skin a matte look. Also Dry Shampoo is a great solution– all you have to do is spray or apply them and they should soak up the extra oil your hair has to keep them from looking greasy.

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Good luck on finals and Enjoy!


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