[The WALK Around the World] In Rome, Jordyn Finds Male Muses


[The WALK Around the World] In Rome, Jordyn Finds Male Muses

Male Muses

Attention male students! I’ve always struggled with economics, but there is a universal statistic that I happen to know: roman men can dress. Look no further than the photos below to see that the roman men exude streamlined sophistication. To the roman students, lawyers and fathers each day is a new chance to dress up and dress well. You may think these men sacrifice their masculinity for vanity but that is wrong.  The roman men choose to dress in a tasteful array of elegant items, which show off their masculinity better than any pair of baggy jeans could.

When I mentioned fashion to each of my muses below, they reduced the term to merely meaning a calculated art defined by history and tradition. There is always room for creativity, but the men of Roma follow golden, ageless rules. Notice how a collar is folded, the just-right length of a blazer and trench, and the way the handkerchief is meticulously positioned. En route to Huntsman Hall take a break to adjust what you are wearing to your interview— fix that collar and smooth that shirt.  With the roman formula (stick to blues, grays and browns for your ensemble), you will be sure to pass the fashion test with flying colors.

As a girl who has always admired Katherine Hepburn and Carrie’s ability to rock Big’s shirt, I have always appreciated how a female draws inspiration from the male species. The sharp tailoring, and shoe style of the Romans led to my discovery of the perfect penny loafers, as well as a vintage briefcase to use as a backpack-substitute for my return to VP. It’s business time— Roman style.

– Jordyn Shaffer

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