Penn’s New Street Style Blog: SEEN on The WALK


Penn’s New Street Style Blog: SEEN on The WALK


We’ve been lurking the library, the bookstore, campus copy, even hallways of the Quad in search of the best dressed at Penn. Here are some highlights from our new street style blog – featuring YOU (and your clothes). For more, go to

SEEN: Anna-Marie Babington, 2014

Q: If you could be any article of clothing, what would you be?

A: I’d be a scarf.

SEEN: Sarika Shah, 2012

Exchange StudentSpotted next to the button, in front of Van Pelt

SEEN: Raya Jalabi, 2011

Q: What’s your favorite store?

A: My grandfather’s closet. It’s not technically a store but it feeds my compulsion to dress like a geriatric gentleman.


  1. JG

    you’ve asked to take my picture and never posted it online — you really shouldn’t get girls hopes up

  2. The WALK

    Hi JG,

    Sorry you didn’t make it onto the website! Sometimes our photos do not come out as well as hoped. Keep dressing up, I’m sure we’ll find you again soon!

    – The WALK

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