Leather and Lace


Leather and Lace


The Cheerios and nerds of McKinley High piled on the leather while retaining a feminine edge as they belted their “Livin’ on a Prayer/Start Me Up” mash-up (a must download). The outfits flattered every female showing the true versatility of black leather. Each girl wore a different faux diamond statement necklace that seemed to give off an extra amount of sparkle when paired with the stark black. For those of us who are sick of our leather jackets, bejeweling our necks could answer all our problems.

Gossip Girl

Serena wore this unconventional lace dress while taking down Vanessa at the New York City ballet. This statement piece, designed by Zuhair Murad, proves that lace does not have to be black to be fabulous. I have to admit I am a bit sick of that standard low-cut borderline lingerie black lace dress every girl owns. It is a classic and easy way to look sexy, but Serena shows that there are many other possibilities in the realm of lace, so why settle for the boring? Next time you’re on a quest for a new lace dress, even if you are not ready to accept a new color, at least try an exciting neckline or some beading.

-Mae Hochhauser

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