Got Brain Food?

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Got Brain Food?

Although there is no magic bullet to boost your IQ or make you instantly smarter, here are some wide-ranging foods that are not only healthy but also can contribute to your brain’s healthy development.

1. Salmon

Fish really is brain food!   Wild salmon is a great source for those fatty acids like Omega-3, which is essential for brain function and development. Eating two servings of fish weekly is highly recommended.

2. Blueberries

Otherwise known as brain berries, blueberries are the ultimate super fruit. They are a satisfying snack that provides you with energy and the highest anti-oxident level of all commonly consumed fruit.

3. Caffeine

Certain substances, like caffeine can energize and help you focus and concentrate. Found in the oh-so-popular and ubiquitous coffee, caffeine is surprisingly misunderstood. Caffeine can give you that boost of energy in the morning for your 9am classes but the effects are short term. The key is moderation- over consuming can it can make you feel uncomfortable and jittery.

4. Nuts

A daily dose is a good source for the anti-oxident vitamin E. This vitamins is associated with lessening cognitive impairment. Walnuts, especially, are both figuratively and literally speaking, “brain food.” Walnuts are filled Omega-3s which boost your mood and brain power.

5. Avocado

Although the fat content in this “good-for-you” fruit might be high, it is mostly the “good-for-you” kind. Furthermore, it is the same fat that keeps you satiated. The fat in avocados promotes increased circulation and blood flow.

-Jackie Wang

By: Jackie Wang

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