Fight Winter Dryness with a Summer Glow

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Fight Winter Dryness with a Summer Glow

Winter’s approaching and we all know what that means – dryness. The dry air of winter eats up the moisture in your body so fast that you have to constantly apply bottles of lotions and chap sticks just to keep your lips from getting chapped or your skin from drying up. Yet, you wonder, how do some celebrities keep the radiant glow in their faces?

Let me show you a few easy tricks!

1. Moisturize. Philosophy - Hope in a Jar

Moisturize your face evenly and all over so that it keeps the soft glow throughout the day. The Hope in a Jar is a moisturizer I definitely recommend; it’ll definitely keep your face (or body) moisturize throughout the day that you don’t have to constantly reapply.

2. Tinted Moisturizer. Laura Mercier

In the winter, powder foundation may become flaky and liquid foundation may come off as cakey because your skin tends to be drier. Make up primers will often dry out your face even more. A good solution to this is using tinted moisturizers. Unlike hardcore foundations, tinted moisturizers give you a natural glow yet covers up some of the imperfections of your face. Laura Mercier — Tinted Moisturizer (42)

3. Brighten. Benefit High Beam (24)

Highlighting some features of your face with a hint of shimmer will give you a more awake and fresh look. It will make sure to make certain features of your face pop to fight away the dull, cold weather of winter. There are certain features that you should high light: cheekbones, the inner corners of your eye, right under your eyebrows, your cupids bow (the point where your upper lips meet), and the tip of your nose. Benefit — High Beam (24)

4. Color. Silky Sensual Radiant YSL (34)

Just because it’s winter, doesn’t mean you have to give up lipsticks — not all lipsticks are extremely matte and dry your lips up. Lipsticks such as YSL Silky Sensual Radiant (34) or Dior Dior Addict Shine (28) make sure they have moisturizing formula that still lock the moisture and shine in your lips. *Or, try applying chap sticks or lip moisturizers before you apply your lipsticks — then shine with with a lip gloss!

5. Flush. Nars Orgasm (26)

Winter can be dull and boring and so… colorless! Add a sense of warmth and flirt to your face by sweeping light, natural blush across your outer cheekbones. (try the upper, outer cheekbones for a more sophisticated, nature look; on the apples of your cheeks for a more cute, doll-like look) NARS blush – Orgasm (26).



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