Dark Days


Dark Days

Gossip Girl

Serena’s all-black ensemble at the charity gala is the perfect mixture of sophisticated and sexy. While the dark color shows a level of maturity, the low-cut neckline keeps the outfit youthful. The pony-tail braid, a Serena favorite, completes the look with her trademark of effortlessness. In this outfit, it is not surprising that even her professor cannot resist her.


This week, Quinn traded her usual cheerleader uniform for some Rocky Horror Picture Show attire. The pink hair and complementing hat transform the look of this classic blond from traditional to outrageous. The addition of gold cummerbund and polka-dot bow tie gives the style a truly Halloween spirit. If only Quinn ditched her cheerleading ensemble and dressed this fabulously every episode!


Unfortunately the temperatures have dropped in Philadelphia and Penn students are no longer strolling down Locust Walk in chic summer dresses. However, you can still admire Naomi ruling West Beverly Hills High in a wardrobe that would make anyone crave warm weather. This deep blue silk dress hugs Naomi at the waist and showcases her figure without being too form fitting. The color works particularly well with her blonde hair and the necklace gives the simple dress some flair. The end of winter may seem far away as you watch 90210 curled up in your thickest sweater, but use this dress as an inspiration when purchasing your basic summer dresses.

-Mae Hochhauser

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