Bohème in Berlin: The Sweet Boys in Mauer Park


Bohème in Berlin: The Sweet Boys in Mauer Park

Photographer: Ayasha Guerin

I spotted these two boys smoking their cigarettes by the amphitheater that turns into the Berlin-famous Karaoke stage on Sundays. This day, though, was not a Sunday, so i took the graffitied steps 2 at a time, trying to remember the most polite German way to say “may i take a picture of you two”. I stopped right before them to quickly debate whether I should use the formal “you” or informal “you guys”. I went with the informal, and they shyly agreed to stand for me. Pink pinstripes on boys has got to be one of my favorite looks. But i was really impressed by how well they could pull off the clean, crisp collar look. Berlin is so sweet.

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  1. fanatics

    OMG! looks so good. especially the boy in the background.
    but where are the cigarettes, the pic would be way more cool.

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