Phildelphia Fashion Week


Phildelphia Fashion Week

Carmelita Couture

Philadelphia Fashion Week has arrived! Beginning tonight at 6 pm, you will be able to see some of Philly’s best local designers and global fashion houses take over the runway and display their Spring 2011 collections. The shows will showcase designers like Carmelita Couture, Autumnlin, Alecia Zameska, Farah, Pamela Ptak, and many more! Art shows and musical acts will balance out the fashion events during the week and each night a multitude of boutiques will be open on-site. Fabulous after-parties will be hosted for all PFW guests following each night’s stunning show.

Attendance is 21+ but Thursday night is School Night and open to all ages! All students in the Philly area should definitely come check this out for a night of pure fashion and fun.

While it’s not New York or Milan, Philadelphia Fashion Week will surely be something to see.

Pamela Ptak

Alecia Zameska

Fashion week will be from October 6  through October 9. Get your tickets at

–Sharon Friedlander

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