Online Shopping Craze


Online Shopping Craze

No time to go shopping in downtown Philly? No problem!

Internet shopping is putting a new opp in your life; opportunity! Without ever having to leave the comfort of your bed, new clothes, shoes, and accessories can be yours with the click of a button. Many sites will show you their editor’s top picks on what’s hot for the upcoming season, in addition to planning outfits for you in their seasonal “lookbooks.” On top of that, new sites have taken advantage of this online shopping craze and offer discounts of up to 70% on some of your favorite brands in select private boutiques. Below are The WALK’s top 10 favorite online shopping sites to make your fall wardrobe (and keep your wallet) a little fuller.

Online Superstores

1. Shopbop

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With only a single store in Madison, Wisconsin, Shopbop’s online store has taken the internet by storm. They sell clothing, shoes, accessories, and more from just about every brand a woman could ever want (over 100!), constantly update their lookbooks with the latest trends, and they offer free shipping and returns… in addition to always having clothes on sale! Many designers even create products exclusively for their website. What could be better?

2. Bluefly

A leading retailer for designer brands and fashion trends, Bluefly offers endless possibilities for updating your wardrobe. Their motto is “the ultimate hookup for the fashion obsessed” and after browsing through their merchandise, they’re right! Make sure to take advantage of their interactive feature where you can get help from a real personal shopper!

3. Chickdowntown

While it has a smaller selection of brands than Shopbop and Bluefly, Chickdowntown is a great resource for women interested in shopping great designer brands for an even greater price. With tons of elite designers in handbags, jewelry, accessories, clothes, and shoes, there is definitely something for everyone. Check out their new “deal of the day” feature where they offer some of the hottest items at even hotter prices (up to 70% off!) for one day only.

4. Net-a-porter

More on the expensive side of the online shopping spectrum, Net-a-porter offers fabulous high-end designer goods presented in a magazine style format (perfect for all you WALK fans). Updated weekly with constant fashion advice, new products, and editorial content, the website itself is something to see and take advantage of even if you’re not shopping! They have unique boutiques for almost any occasion and are truly on the cutting edge of fashion.

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5. Pink Mascara

With their sole retail location located in Irvine, California, non-Californians should certainly take advantage of Pink Mascara’s fabulous online site. Offering “celeb style” tips (selling clothes that your favorite celebrities have recently been photographed in) is only one of the many great things it has to offer. They have a live chat online feature that you can utilize to talk to customer service directly while shopping. With a wide variety of denim, handbag, and clothing designers, this website is definitely not one to be missed if you’re looking to expand your wardrobe!

6. Revolve Clothing

Four words: epitome of online shopping. Not only does Revolve offer hundreds of brands of clothing/accessories for both women and men (ranging from moderately priced to high end couture), a home/travel section, an online magazine, a fashion blog, trend galleries and the ability to search through clothes based on your mood, but also they have an elite section of their website titled “The List” unlike anything seen in any of the websites mentioned above. “The List” offers limited edition, high end products from your favorite designers that cannot be found anywhere else. Revolve has been so popular online that they have also created, as an extension of Revolve, and, offering all of your favorite brands for less.

Dress for Less

7. Gilt, 8. Rue La La, 9. Ideeli

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While each of these websites is unique, it’s not uncommon to be a member of all of them; therefore, they can be grouped under the same umbrella. These sites offer new “boutiques” every 24 hours of your favorite designers for a limited time and offer them at crazy discounts. It definitely is a hit-or-miss type of shopping experience but if you hit you strike gold!

10. Shop Style

Take everything you’ve read so far and synthesize it into one website, and you have This incredible website provides you with a search feature that allows you to search from as broad as any brand, to as specific as any pair of jeans or a specific-colored shirt, and will provide you with results from every shopping website on the internet. Not only that, but it provides you with celebrity styles, sale alerts, upcoming trends, and stylebooks. Intended for women, children, and men of all ages, this website is certainly something you should not miss!

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–Sharon Friedlander

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