Bohème in Berlin: Neuruppin Getaway


Bohème in Berlin: Neuruppin Getaway

Photographer: Ayasha Guerin

I have to admit, I didn’t think I was taking a 9 hour leap into fall when I boarded the airplane to Berlin… but I certainly did. An average September day in the city is no warmer than 50 degrees F. This was a depressing detail until I remembered (despite my obsession with summer dresses) how much I love fall fashion – and how the leaves are always falling in bright contrast to autumn’s beige, brown, and blue jackets. The beige Trench seems to be one of the fashion essentials in Berlin. They are sold everywhere, in varying length and style.  In this photo, Julia is standing in the center of the Neuruppin town square (a little city about an hour from Berlin) wearing a J-Crew Icon Trench and Caribbean Ray-bans, because while it might be cold here, the sun is always shining… for now anyway.

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