Make a Statement


Make a Statement

Big, fabulous baubles are all over celebrities this season from the forever stylish Sarah Jessica Parker to the always-elegant first lady, Michele Obama. Goodbye demur elegance! Stunning metals and funky stones are taking over; bold jewelry is definitely in this season. A piece of statement jewelry can tie any outfit together or provide a show-stopping focal point that will make heads turn.

No need to spend a fortune on a high-end designer jewelry as there are many options this season from stores such as J Crew, Banana Republic and Tory Burch.  These pieces look great with a simple white T-shirt or extravagant strapless evening gown.

With their combination of different styles, these necklaces from J.Crew and Banana Republic are fantastic for any occasion!

FENTON/FALLON™ for J.Crew drape chain necklace ($195)

J.Crew, Crystal Bloom Necklace ($150)

Banana Republic, Heritage Shane fringe necklace ($49.99)

Banana Republic, Stepping stone necklace ($98)

Banana Republic, Gala brooch strand necklace ($98)

Banana Republic, Crocheted Victoria necklace ($69.50)

Delicate pendants just won’t do when you have something to say. Express yourself with true “statement” jewelry like these pieces from Tory Burch.

Tory Burch, Divine Necklace ($350)

-Whitney Mash

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