[The WALK Around the World] London Calling: When it Rains…


[The WALK Around the World] London Calling: When it Rains…

When it Rains…

Have you ever heard the expression, “when it rains, it pours?”

Well, that’s not the case in London. Here, it rains constantly. Whether it’s pouring out, misting slightly, or spraying you in an upward direction as a bus passes, London’s always just a little wet.

The weather in this city should pose a problem for fashionistas. How does a girl look good in the rain? I know that I personally hate it, as rain leaves me to deal with frizzy dog hair, makeup streaming down my face, and raindrop stained clothing. But being in London has led me to believe that I’m behind the curve somehow. The girls here still manage to look fabulous! True Londoners know how to throw together a great ensemble despite this difficult weather environment. Here are some of my favorite looks. Feel free to save them for a rainy day.


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  1. theLITERALqueen

    hay gurl. so i’ve been in london this semester for about as long as you have, and we both know that we’ve had pretty good weather since we’ve been here. While it does occasionally rain, as is typical to London’s climate, I can’t imagine that your experience with london’s “constant” downpours is really much more extensive than my own. nonetheless, hope to see you out soon! wear your rainboots! lol.

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